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Owner and Nurse Practitioner Sean Goddard has a passion for ADHD. He, having been seen by three different psychologists as a child, was never diagnosed with ADHD. Having studied and understood, he pushed for re-evaluation in adulthood. In his 30s, he was diagnosed, and this made a significant impact on his quality of life. Understanding the limited education provided to providers outside of the "standard presentation," he spent a lot of time studying and understanding ADHD. Through this, he learned about Dr. Amen and his studies. He has since completed Amen Universities certifications as a Brain Health Coach and Certified Brain Health Professional. Using Amen protocols combined with objective testing has allowed him to create a unique program that helps identify those atypical presentations. He is passionate about helping change the quality of life for those with ADHD. He truly believes it is a superpower that must be learned to harness.

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Deja Hochstetler, Licensed Brain Trainer

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