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Owner and Nurse Practitioner Sean Goddard has a passion for ADHD. He, having been seen by three different psychologists as a child, was never diagnosed with ADHD. Having studied and understood, he pushed for re-evaluation in adulthood. In his 30s, he was diagnosed, and this made a significant impact on his quality of life. Understanding the limited education provided to providers outside of the "standard presentation," he spent a lot of time studying and understanding ADHD. Through this, he learned about Dr. Amen and his studies. He has since completed Amen Universities certifications as a Brain Health Coach and Certified Brain Health Professional. Using Amen protocols combined with objective testing has allowed him to create a unique program that helps identify those atypical presentations. He is passionate about helping change the quality of life for those with ADHD. He truly believes it is a superpower that must be learned to harness.

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Brittany Brannan, APRN, PMHS

Pediatric Mental Health Specialist

We are excited to announce a new member to our team Brittany, APRN. She will start seeing clients as of June 1st 2023 and are actively scheduling her at this time. She will be accepting ages 6-18 and will treat her clients up to the age of 21. Here at Goddard, she will be assisting pediatric clients with medication management, as well as providing tools and strategies for children and parents to help manage ADHD behaviors and symptoms naturally.

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Deja Hochstetler
Licensed Brain Trainer

Director of Client Services

Deja has been making an impact in the healthcare world since 2006. Her empathy, compassion, and drive have allowed her to create a lasting mark in a variety of facets including social work, administrative work, recreational team management, and so much more. She brightens any room she's in and her love for people and animals is palpable. Diagnosed with ADHD shortly after having her first child, she understands the challenges presented in doing life, work, and parenthood when not properly treated. She has now harnessed her ADHD as her superpower and aims to help others do the same. Every time she hears "this has completely changed my life", her passion is only inspired further.

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Kayla Brumbaugh

Client Services Coordinator

Kayla is a multi-passionate human with a love for books and helping others. She is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with a life-long interest in mental health. After her ADHD diagnosis at 35, she was introduced to the life-changing results of the Goddard Center and HAD to be a part of the change. Her personal experience with properly managing her ADHD has given her life. She went from burnt out, exhausted, anxious and depressed, to thriving as the mom, wife, and employee she always wanted to be without compromise. Her aim in life is to empower those around her to believe in the possibilities and strengths that reside within them. 

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