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Zing Performance

Zing is a personalized program of physical coordinative exercise activities designed to stimulate the brain, causing neurogenesis (new cells) in the cerebellum – preparing the brain for better automation of daily tasks, better emotional regulation, and so much more.

This innovative holistic approach to brain and behavioral health requires commitment for success, but this commitment is just 10 minutes, twice a day, and can be done anywhere you have access to a phone, computer or tablet. Each day, participants will complete 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening of specific mental and gentle physical exercises, for 90 days.

What it may help: Improved concentration, increased coordination, better mood management and emotional regulation, increased hand-eye coordination, improved reading abilities, high functioning anxiety, sport performance, and more!

Take the free assessment and then call to speak with our staff for a consultation to review your results and where Zing can help you achieve your potential!

Free 10 minute Assessment
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What Clients of All Ages Are Saying

How this internationally recognized program is changing lives:

How Zing helped one girl with school work, reading, and joy and a young boy, struggling with Autism, regain energy, focus, and control.

Parents and Children

Terri struggled with reading since she was young and no one knew how to help her; since Zing, she has felt empowered and independent.

Adult Client

Improve academics, increase efficiency in your job, support hand-eye coordination, and reach your peak performance in all areas of life.

Athletes and High Achievers

Zing Performance: Testimonials

Research Backed

“Cerebellar Challenge” for Adolescents at Risk of School Failure: Evaluation of a School-Based “Whole Person” Intervention

Image by Ben Mullins

“Cerebellar Challenge” for Older Adults: Evaluation of a Home-Based Internet Intervention

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Zing Performance: FAQ

What is the Zing Performance program?

Zing Performance focuses on improving fundamental skills so you can acquire knowledge faster and master new tasks with greater ease, once skills become more automatic there is less stress on the brain and so increasing ‘mental resources’. The program is made up of daily 10-minute physical coordinative exercises. The program includes; * An online assessment to determine the current cognitive performance in key areas and provide the starting point for the programme. * An app that creates the personalized program of sensory stimulation exercises * Ongoing monthly assessments to measure and chart progress * Help and support through the whole process along with a community of participants to encourage you * Online technical support * Zing Games App

Is Zing for adults?

Yes, it is suitable for adults as well as children. It will develop skills that are already there to help you reach your peak performance and your true potential.

How long is the Zing Performance program?

This is not a ‘quick fix program’. The physiological and neurological change that must take place takes time and effort. New neurological path ways and communications must be created and established, which takes time. You will have access to the program for 90 days. The only way to progress at the optimal rate through the program is to comply with exercises every day with maximum effort and commitment.

My child is under 7, can they use the program?

For children under 7 the cerebellum still has more developing of its own natural accord to do. Once your child has the maturity of a 7-year-old they will also have a better understanding of what we are asking of them and be able to comply with the daily 10 minutes exercises. In the meantime, our suggestion for children under 7 is to have some fun by way of controlled physical movement such as swimming and jumping on a trampoline. Any coordinative exercise will help with the development of the neural pathways in their brain.

Can more than one person use the same program?

No. The Zing Performance program is a personalized coordinative exercise program that is tailored to the individual to provide exactly the correct amount of cerebellum stimulation at the right time. This is how you can get amazing results. However, we believe teamwork is everything. Additional family members can access their own program at a reduced rate, and it is important to involve the family in helping the individual follow the program. This is combined with our online support and Facebook community.

​What is the difference between Eye Tracking and the Insight assessment?

Eye tracking is measuring what is happening with the eyes when a child or adult is reading and focusing on a task, and how this is interpreted by the brain. The Insight assessment is all about measuring mental capacity and is an accurate measurement of an individual’s brain performance. This online assessment is taken at the beginning of the program and then on a monthly basis to measure how skills have improved.

My child has had vision therapy, what is the difference between Zing and vision therapy? 

Vision therapy addresses the symptoms rather than the root cause of the issue, which in most cases is an under-developed Cerebellum (the skill development center of the brain). The Zing program develops the Cerebellum, helping it function effectively in automating skills, such as eye movement.

What is the root cause of auditory processing issues?

There can be a number of different reasons for an auditory processing issue. The root cause is most often an under-developed Cerebellum - the skill development center of the brain and the area responsible for sensory integration. If the Cerebellum is working effectively it enables skills, such as auditory processing, to be automatized and become effortless. The Zing program pushes development of the Cerebellum to ensure it is working effectively. And as more and more skills are automatized, it also creates more bandwidth in the thinking part of the brain (the Prefrontal Cortex) to process information.

Zing Performance: FAQ
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